Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers & Power Rangers Ninja Storm Legacy Action Figures News

Posted 5/31/2016 8:42:20 PM PST by Joseph Deckelmeier

DJ gives his reactions to the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers and Power Rangers Ninja Storm Legacy Action Figures.

Introducing the all new Power Rangers Legacy figures, the ultimate collectible for Power Ranger fans. These highly-detailed collectible figures feature multiple points of articulation for extreme poseability. Each figure includes a bonus Build-a-Megazord piece. Collect all the figures in the series to form the full Megazord!

The first wave of Power Rangers Legacy 6" Figures release this summer. This wave includes: Red and Green Rangers (Mighty Morphin Power Rangers) and Red, Blue, and Yellow Wind Rangers (Power Rangers Ninja Storm).

Articulation wise and again this is just going off of the pictures

Looks like complete shoulder rotation, 360 degrees all the way around and twists 360 as well
I see wrist joints so you can get that wrist curling action. Cuffs look like they can twist.
Neck can look left and right but Now this is interesting, in a couple of pictures I think I can see a joint pin. So even though none the pictures really highlight this they should be able to look up and down.

Looks like the chest has articulation and they will be able to crunch which should help make for some really cool poses.
Legs look ball jointed and doesn’t appear to have any major restrictions leg movement wise so that means more split kick action.

Swivel by the thighs, twists by the calves/ boots.

Knees look to be double jointed so that will be really fun to play with and pose with
Accessories are TBD but from what they show they look fantastic.
Green ranger comes with dragon dagger and for the first time in a Ban dai America figure not counting the figuart the sword of darkeness. Dagger can be placed in the holster on his belt. I’m not sure if the holster is glued on or attached by a peg but I would think it can twist and it’s not stationary otherwise that would limit the green rangers kicks and poses quite a bit.

Red ranger is seen with the blade blaster in holster mode. It doesn’t show his Power Sword or the blade blaster in blade or blaster mode but since green has his you would think they would. We’ll just have to see.
Ninja storm figures look awesome Ninja sword. Hawk Blaster, Lion Hammer, Sonic Hammer
Now remember it is still BoA and these are still cheaper than figuarts so not everything is going to be painted as you can see with their wind morphers on their wrist

Overall I I’m very excited for the line especially with the potential to do every single Power Ranger to date! The figures have a great aesthetic look to them, very detailed and the potential articulation is just mouth watering.

What so you think? Is this a “shut up and take my money” or a Shut up, I’m keeping my money.

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