Posted 2/25/2016 4:45:58 PM PST by Joseph Deckelmeier

Daredevil Season 2 is upon us and while we're incredibly excited about seeing Jon Bernthal's Punisher bring the pain, but there's another show we've been curious about for a while now, Iron Fist. We were the first one's to have the character breakdown of Iron Fist and we've got some new information to share.

JoBlo recently confirmed that the casting information we had received about Slingshot on Marvel's Agents of Shield was accurate, the same source that provided us with that news may have let slip the identity of who Marvel has chosen for the title Role in the new Netflix series. However, at the moment we're going to be classifying this as a rumor, we haven't been able to confirm it with our regular Marvel Source, but, we have a good feeling about it.

Alright, with that out of the way, it looks like the role of Danny Rand will be played by Finn Jones. Finn is best known for his role on Game of Thrones as Loras Tyrell, brother of Margaery Tyrell. Outside of GoT, he hasn't done a whole lot, so we don't have much to judge him on, but he's in the right age range, he looks the part, and he's done a good job on GoT, so if this is who Marvel has cast, we're on board.

In our research on the guy, we dug around on Jones' social media and it turns out that his twitter had been pretty active up until early Feb. AND back at the end of January, Michael Coulter, who plays Luke Cage, DID say that Marvel had cast the role . So, could this be a coincidence? We'll see.

If this turns out to be true, it makes sense, This choice falls in line with Marvel's casting of a relative unknown for their Netflix series, with the exception of Krystin Ritter, and then relying on a larger named actor like Vincent D'nofrio or David Tennant as villains.


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